Brow Domination is a movement we created here at Moya Wren purely to promote LOVE. Love for ourselves, love for those around us and love for our brows! Having been in the industry well over 20 years Moya wanted to create something new and positive for all of us make-up lovers, that brought us all together, which brought her to... #BROWDOMINATION.

About the Movement

It is a movement we created out of love with the intention of bringing more love to the world. We want the movement to be recognised as something that helps women connect with the true beauty and power within them. When people enquire to us asking what Brow Domination is it fills us with so much joy because it proves our campaign is working and people are listening! Love is the answer!

We see a massively successful future for Brow Domination and everyone working in it or being helped by it. As women we take pride in looking and FEELING amazing. Not for anyone else but ourselves and when we feel that glowing sense all over we remember we ARE amazing enough to take on the world! We want women all over to remember that each and every moment of the day because we only live once and there is no time to waste on not loving yourself. That's why at Moya Wren we know having perfectly on fleek brows helps with this feeling massively. Even when you're having a no make-up day you know the only thing you require are those on point Moya Wren brows! We want to bring back pride in confidence, love, unity, passion and LIFE.

We hope you will all join and support us on this journey of love and tell ya friends about it!

Competitions & Prizes

With many more competitions to win FREE brows, skincare treatments or products coming up and many more super exciting events being held, stay tuned and up to date with Moya Wren through all our social media. We love you all so much!

2018 the girls are coming...

Follow the Movement

Our hashtag #browdomination is a simple creation to use on social media to bring everyone in the brow/make-up industry or anyone who loves it, together!

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